When my life is…

Every time I am not feeling positive in my life, I will always find good words and or phrases while browsing online. It is like God comforts me in life. And today, I just love this quote: “Never under estimate what can you accomplish!” Tomorrows seem not so clear yet but I have my present that is clear. Though, there are times that I feel something negative in my present and that it seems there’s emptiness but then, I am thankful that I can get through it. I know God is with me in my life’s journey. Thank you God!

Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, life is still beautiful as long as there is GOD

With whatever happenings in life, everything must go on. Like when doors are closed, then breathe through the windows. If windows are sealed, find wholes that you can find light and breathe air on it. When you are in darkness, don’t worry, just close your eyes for a while. For no matter how dark your world is, you still can find some ray of light in darkness. As long as there is God in your life, it’s all that matters! Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Life is still beautiful no matter what!

Oh I forgot that ….

Oh I forgot my baby is 2 years, 1 month and 1 day old already. I just couldn’t believe how fast he grows now. He is also getting smarter each day. Right now, he loves to learn new things when he wants and needs to. But if he doesn’t want, I can’t refuse him. So I’ll just wait for his actions like if he wants me to read his book for him that I’ll do it. Gee!

Self talk = healthy

What’s wrong with talking to oneself? Kids always do that. Maybe they are talking and playing to their Guardian Angels or Archangels. That’s a healthy thing. You know you are even talking to yourself more than you know it. Every day you are constantly talking to yourself but you are just ignoring it coz others would think that you are weird. But really talking to oneself is a healthy thing. You are talking to your inner child. Come on men! Just leave the kids when they are talking to themselves because when they are hearing you talk to yourself, they will not say a thing. Nyaha!

Wanna have some soup

I want to make soup tonight but I am afraid that I will be the only one who will eat it. And that will result of me gaining more weight! Sigh! I just miss having plane soup which I usually have with my family in PH. With soup, it will be less cholesterol intake. Hmmm! Also, I want to mix it with pechay and or cabbage! Hmmm, so yummylicious!

Wish I had one

A while ago, I was looking at my old scanned photos and the photos I had in a small box! It brought back some old memories of me wishing I was having a digital camera during those days! I would probably be capturing more memorable photos and saved it in SD cards. How I wish during those days I owned even just the cheap digital kiddy camera, surely, I would be having photos with lots of memories when I was still in my country! Sigh! I just missed lots of things! Sigh!