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Got to change first

Maturity is when is when you stop trying to change people, and instead you focus on changing yourself.

Now I know that I am immature for a long time because I want that other person will change with me forgetting to change my own self first. Oh dear, I need to change myself before asking other people to change.

Everyday is God’s ways of telling

Every time I will see this video, it reminds me to be grateful for all the things I received in life and for the life itself. I am grateful to God to have a new day, a new life and a new morning to start over again. I may not be positive all the time but I am trying my best. Thank you God for giving me 77 x 7 chances in life.

Almost done updating

Wow I am almost done updating all my blogs. This post will be the 3rd to the last article that I will be making today. After this, I am going to make dinner and then do some cleaning coz the house has lots of dust already. I hope I can do this thing every week so that my blogs will have some posts. Even if it is sort of personal post but at least there is updates to my sites. This is a cool thing to do instead of just browsing around chatting on my social media accounts.

Thousands of Wigs, weaves, and other beauty products at Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I have a friend who is having beautiful hairdos every time I’ll see her. All I thought that that it was her natural hair and that she was just curling or styling it. When I asked her about what she did to her hair she said that she was wearing lace front wig and sometimes weaves. I said to her that she looked so awesome whatever it was that she’s doing to her hair. Every time she’ll be out, she will always look fashionable together with her beautiful branded outfits and matching accessories. Whenever there will be some parties or events at her place, she will always dress up elegantly along with her beautiful wigs and or weaves.

I am curious on where I can also find wigs and weaves, so I search online and I am so amaze with Divatress – the online store for wigs, weaves and other beauty products. Oh my, it has all the beautiful wigs and weaves that I want to have. The wigs for women that Divatress sells are all affordable and it is within my budget. Plus this store offers free shipping within the continental USA. This is a great thing to know. From now on, I’ll shop my wigs and weaves in this online store.

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Waiting for God’s timing

I am hoping that one day, my family and I will have our own house and lot in which we will not be renting. It will be a huge happiness for my kiddos then since they are longing to have their own rooms. I am praying to God and hoping that one day this dream will come into reality. I can wait for it. God has the best plan and I am just working my best every day. I am grateful for everything. I am waiting for God’s timing.

You are a lucky wife if you are…

Most of the wives that I’ve known will just ask money from their husbands if they want to buy something or if they want to send something to their families back home. Aside from the expensive surprised gifts they will receive from their husbands, they will also have allowances every month and also allowances for their family members. These wives also will ask money from their husbands if they want to pay their credit cards. Are you like that too? If your life is like that, you are a lucky wife.

Life itself is the most important thing

There are times that you have lots of things to do in life and that there are so many things that you want to have. But there will come a time that all those things that you want to do and you want to have are not important. And you will then realize that the most important thing in life is LIFE ITSELF.

Enjoying the day

Today is my day off and I just spend it with my housemate buying some groceries in the biggest supermarket in town – Daremfa or RT Mart. We just walked since it’s really near to our place. When we were on our way Read the rest of this entry »

When my life is…

Every time I am not feeling positive in my life, I will always find good words and or phrases while browsing online. It is like God comforts me in life. And today, I just love this quote: “Never under estimate what can you accomplish!” Tomorrows seem not so clear yet but I have my present that is clear. Though, there are times that I feel something negative in my present and that it seems there’s emptiness but then, I am thankful that I can get through it. I know God is with me in my life’s journey. Thank you God!

Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, life is still beautiful as long as there is GOD

With whatever happenings in life, everything must go on. Like when doors are closed, then breathe through the windows. If windows are sealed, find wholes that you can find light and breathe air on it. When you are in darkness, don’t worry, just close your eyes for a while. For no matter how dark your world is, you still can find some ray of light in darkness. As long as there is God in your life, it’s all that matters! Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Life is still beautiful no matter what!