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Let go and will not renew

I am thinking of letting go of some of my domains which are not productive in the blogosphere. Though this year, I give a little chance for it. I renew it just for this year only. The next, next year, I will have to let it go. It is a bit sad every time I will let go of a domain but then if that is the best thing to do, then, I will have to do it.


My small netbook is loading so sluggish right now. I am doing some of my articles and then at the same time I am visiting the blogs of my friends. This netbook is giving me a headache. I love this thing though coz it is so cute and this looks like a toy but then it is loading sites very slow.

Men’s Gifts

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

When I was trying to think of the perfect gift to get my husband, I honestly couldn’t think of anything. Men are so hard to shop for, because they never give you any ideas. I think women have ideas for what we want because we’re always out shopping, which gives us ideas about what we want. Regardless of the reason, I always seem to end up with a list a mile long, and my husband seems to have “socks and shirts” on his list every year. “Socks and shirts” are so boring to get, plus it’s vague to boot! “What kind of shirts and shoes do you want?” I always ask. He then replies that he doesn’t know, and seems fairly pleased when he opens his gifts of socks and shirts, but never overly impressed. This year, however, I bought him a subscription to satellite TV through direct tv palm springs. He literally let out a ‘whoop!’ when he opened it, and it is now my mission to make sure that I find him something better than socks and shirts every year!

Getting some great free eats during Fashion’s Night Out

Guest post written by Lindsay Gregory

I know that one of the things that you’re really supposed to do during Fashion’s Night Out is go shopping, but I was really tempted to do something else, eat. It was just that there were so many fun things that you could do as part of the event that included free food that I just couldn’t help myself! It also doesn’t help that wish that I’m 22 and living in New York City. Also, I don’t work in banking, so you know that I’m just barely getting by. Henceforth my wish to get as much free food as possible!

I’m not really sure if they’ve had this much free food before in the years past, but I did a lot of research to see all of the free food that I could find. While I was looking up that stuff, I ran across some Clear Wireless Reviews that I showed to my roommates. After that we decided to change over our internet to one of them.

Needless to say, my roommates hit up a lot of the free food stuff with me. Fossil on 5th Avenue had a whole bunch of cookies, so we stopped by there and also by Coach, where they were having free cocktails.