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I don’t like the salad from BK. Yikes! But since it’s kind of expensive, I ate it because I don’t want to waste my money and effort in ordering it at the drive thru. Anyway, I am just craving for salads these days.  I am like remembering the days of when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter.

Fave fish

Buying my favorite chocolate bark

I want to get some chocolate bark at my favorite store today. And I want it to be nuts free because my kid is allergy to peanuts and other nuts. I just want to have a house free of nuts for health and safety purposes. Anyway, whenever I will buy, I will not also share this to him since he is allergy with cow’s milk and egg. If I will buy, I will just be the one who will it and probably my husband will eat it too. Though, if ever I can buy soy chocolate, then, I think, I can share it with my kid.  Anyhow, see you in a while!