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Popular Fertility Foods around the World

One of the best things about trying to get pregnant is that there are plenty of natural fertility foods out there.You shouldn’t be surprised that the foods we consume affect the way our body functions. Depending on where you are in the world, however, some foods are more popular than others. In traditional cultures,women start eating a fertility diet Read the rest of this entry »

Got to understand my kids more than asking them to understand me

Falsetto with high volume voice is not needed when you are a mother.

This should be my motto every day – AVOID RAISING MY VOICE. I am not in the singing contest that I need to shout whenever my kids will do the things that I don’t like. They have feelings too and they need understanding even if they are misbehaving. I’ve got to remind myself about this that I do not need to copy or surpass the voice of my mother. I do not want my kids to experience the things that I experienced when I was young. I need to understand them more.

Car reviews to read and videos to watch before your car purchase

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Kids bonding should just be at home coz it will freak those freak people out

When you and your kids have jokes at home, don’t do it in public because people will mostly react in a negative way.

This was my story:

When my kids and I were shopping we were having fun. And people didn’t know that we were just having fun shopping around for the things that we need. When I gave a joke by picking my kid and swinging her upside down and then put her in the basket there were people who misinterpreted it.
GOODNESS GRACIOUS, WHAT THE? The thing that we were doing was just a bonding but I forgot that we were in public and those FREAKING PEOPLE didn’t know the whole thing was just our bonding but just reacted in a way that they think they can save something or whatever they were thinking.

Why I was saying it?

Well, I was just wondering why there were two store personnel following me and my kids outside the store after they were standing for a long time at the exit of the store when in fact it’s not their ways of putting personnel in there. When I saw the two of them and passed by on where they were standing, I smelled something FISHY. I thought that if they will be out when my kids and I will be out, there’s something behind them staying at the exit. So, when we were out, they were at our back.

So I slowed down because I knew they were following us. Well, they cannot question my purchase BECAUSE WE PAID FOR IT OF COURSE.

Since I slowed down, so they didn’t have any choice but to go ahead of me and my kids and then the woman pretending to get her keys and get inside the car. They get inside their car as if it was their break time or WHATEVER. Then, again, I gave joke to my youngest by picking her from the shopping cart and tried to swing her before putting her down on the ground. Then, I placed my bought goods at the back of my car and placed shopping cart back. Then, they pretend to drive away as if they were not on DUTY. CRAZY PEOPLE!

Well, I know they were just protecting everyone. But my kids and I were just having fun in buying our groceries. Well, at least I learned something already that our jokes at home will just be at home and we will not brought it outside because people nowadays are so DIRTY MINDED.

Anyway, I wasn’t concerned about them of what they were doing. I was just questioning about them and tried to think why there were following us when my husband asked me, ‘Do you know those two ….?” I said I don’t know them at all. I knew one person there and that person is my good friend.

Lesson: Don’t do jokes in public that will make CRAZY PEOPLE CRAZIER enough for them to follow you.

Searching for a truck driving job?

There are many good ways to earn money and the only thing that a person need is for him to search for it. Are you looking for a job right now? What are your skills? Are you looking for a fun filled job, like any of the available Truck Driver Jobs?

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How do a 2-year-old feel when she received an open bag of chips?

My little girl was asking where was her bag of chips last night when after a while her daddy gave her one. When she looked at the opened small bag of chips, her face was sad. She said, “oh none in there”. So, I told her, “There is still something inside”. She replied with her counting, “No not, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?” I laughed out so loud with her reaction of counting the remaining chips because she was about to cry. To stop her from crying, I got the bag of chips from her brother and poured a little bit inside her bag of chips. When she saw it, her face was happy but it’s her brother that’s about to complain. I then told my son that it’s okay to share as he still had a spare closed bag of chip inside the plastic bag. And after that, they were happy eating their share of chips. He-he-he!

Getting bigger and smarter

My baby girl is getting bigger each day and she is getting smarter as well. She can do many tricks if she wants to. One of the things that she likes most is singing and dancing the song of angry birds. Every time her brother plays angry bird, she will be happy to sing, dance, and show off that she knows it. Another thing is that whenever she gets to hold an angry bird plush toy she will have to sing for it. She is just an adorable baby.

Imitating what adults do

I always teach my kid to drink water all the time. But then he will fight with me because he loves to drink sodas in cans. If he will drink water, he chooses to have it mixed with some sweet coloring. Sigh, what a choice! He explains to me that when he will drink water he will get sick. I share to him if that’s the case, then it’s good if he will bath with sodas in cans and or water with coloring in it. In that way, he will not get sick coz he says he will get sick with water. I also tell him, if he will have some sickness or if he will have some stones due to lack of water, the doctor will help him with removing it from his body. He answers that he doesn’t like the idea of talking about doctors. After that, he gets a bottle of water and drinks it until he consumes it. Funny kid! He is just imitating what adults do ‘coz he believes that if others did it like in drinking sodas all the time, maybe it’s good for everyone else and that includes him.

Buying my favorite chocolate bark

I want to get some chocolate bark at my favorite store today. And I want it to be nuts free because my kid is allergy to peanuts and other nuts. I just want to have a house free of nuts for health and safety purposes. Anyway, whenever I will buy, I will not also share this to him since he is allergy with cow’s milk and egg. If I will buy, I will just be the one who will it and probably my husband will eat it too. Though, if ever I can buy soy chocolate, then, I think, I can share it with my kid.  Anyhow, see you in a while!

Men’s Gifts

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When I was trying to think of the perfect gift to get my husband, I honestly couldn’t think of anything. Men are so hard to shop for, because they never give you any ideas. I think women have ideas for what we want because we’re always out shopping, which gives us ideas about what we want. Regardless of the reason, I always seem to end up with a list a mile long, and my husband seems to have “socks and shirts” on his list every year. “Socks and shirts” are so boring to get, plus it’s vague to boot! “What kind of shirts and shoes do you want?” I always ask. He then replies that he doesn’t know, and seems fairly pleased when he opens his gifts of socks and shirts, but never overly impressed. This year, however, I bought him a subscription to satellite TV through direct tv palm springs. He literally let out a ‘whoop!’ when he opened it, and it is now my mission to make sure that I find him something better than socks and shirts every year!