Kids bonding should just be at home coz it will freak those freak people out

When you and your kids have jokes at home, don’t do it in public because people will mostly react in a negative way.

This was my story:

When my kids and I were shopping we were having fun. And people didn’t know that we were just having fun shopping around for the things that we need. When I gave a joke by picking my kid and swinging her upside down and then put her in the basket there were people who misinterpreted it.
GOODNESS GRACIOUS, WHAT THE? The thing that we were doing was just a bonding but I forgot that we were in public and those FREAKING PEOPLE didn’t know the whole thing was just our bonding but just reacted in a way that they think they can save something or whatever they were thinking.

Why I was saying it?

Well, I was just wondering why there were two store personnel following me and my kids outside the store after they were standing for a long time at the exit of the store when in fact it’s not their ways of putting personnel in there. When I saw the two of them and passed by on where they were standing, I smelled something FISHY. I thought that if they will be out when my kids and I will be out, there’s something behind them staying at the exit. So, when we were out, they were at our back.

So I slowed down because I knew they were following us. Well, they cannot question my purchase BECAUSE WE PAID FOR IT OF COURSE.

Since I slowed down, so they didn’t have any choice but to go ahead of me and my kids and then the woman pretending to get her keys and get inside the car. They get inside their car as if it was their break time or WHATEVER. Then, again, I gave joke to my youngest by picking her from the shopping cart and tried to swing her before putting her down on the ground. Then, I placed my bought goods at the back of my car and placed shopping cart back. Then, they pretend to drive away as if they were not on DUTY. CRAZY PEOPLE!

Well, I know they were just protecting everyone. But my kids and I were just having fun in buying our groceries. Well, at least I learned something already that our jokes at home will just be at home and we will not brought it outside because people nowadays are so DIRTY MINDED.

Anyway, I wasn’t concerned about them of what they were doing. I was just questioning about them and tried to think why there were following us when my husband asked me, ‘Do you know those two ….?” I said I don’t know them at all. I knew one person there and that person is my good friend.

Lesson: Don’t do jokes in public that will make CRAZY PEOPLE CRAZIER enough for them to follow you.