Three Simple Health Strategies That Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

If you’re interested in leading an incredible life, it’s important that you become and remain as healthy as possible. Failing to do so can result in mood instability, chronic illness, weight gain, and compromised work performance. To avoid these negative outcomes and start reaping the life-enhancing benefits of great health, consider implementing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Optimize Your Living Space.

The aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living space can play an integral role in impacting your mental health. As such, it’s a good idea to make sure that your home is in great condition. There are numerous ways you can start the process of optimizing your living space, one of which is by changing the color schema in your living room. Light colors can promote feelings of peace and calm. You may also want to renovate a room so that it is more spacious, thereby preventing you from developing feelings of mental or physical confinement. You can obtain free estimates from general contractors by visiting the Renovation Experts website at

2. Start Working Out.

Another health strategy you can employ to start looking and feeling better is working out. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans do not get in the recommended amount of exercise, and this prevents them from reaping a wide range of wellness benefits. Yet by working out regularly, you can boost your metabolism, improve your mood, enhance your level of immunity, and optimize your self-confidence. If you don’t know how to get started, you can join your local gym or hire a personal trainer. Remember to engage in forms of physical activity that you actually enjoy to ensure that you stick to your exercise routine.

3. Invest In A Monthly Massage.

Engaging in self-indulgent behaviors plays an integral role in promoting optimal health. As such, it’s important to make pampering activity a regular part of your life. One great pampering activity that can generate a wide range of great health benefits is a monthly massage. Massages help release toxins from your body while also promoting optimal functioning of the circulatory system.


If you want to improve your quality of life, optimizing your health is a must. You can get on the road to health optimization right now by implementing the behavioral changes outlined above!

Kids bonding should just be at home coz it will freak those freak people out

When you and your kids have jokes at home, don’t do it in public because people will mostly react in a negative way.

This was my story:

When my kids and I were shopping we were having fun. And people didn’t know that we were just having fun shopping around for the things that we need. When I gave a joke by picking my kid and swinging her upside down and then put her in the basket there were people who misinterpreted it.
GOODNESS GRACIOUS, WHAT THE? The thing that we were doing was just a bonding but I forgot that we were in public and those FREAKING PEOPLE didn’t know the whole thing was just our bonding but just reacted in a way that they think they can save something or whatever they were thinking.

Why I was saying it?

Well, I was just wondering why there were two store personnel following me and my kids outside the store after they were standing for a long time at the exit of the store when in fact it’s not their ways of putting personnel in there. When I saw the two of them and passed by on where they were standing, I smelled something FISHY. I thought that if they will be out when my kids and I will be out, there’s something behind them staying at the exit. So, when we were out, they were at our back.

So I slowed down because I knew they were following us. Well, they cannot question my purchase BECAUSE WE PAID FOR IT OF COURSE.

Since I slowed down, so they didn’t have any choice but to go ahead of me and my kids and then the woman pretending to get her keys and get inside the car. They get inside their car as if it was their break time or WHATEVER. Then, again, I gave joke to my youngest by picking her from the shopping cart and tried to swing her before putting her down on the ground. Then, I placed my bought goods at the back of my car and placed shopping cart back. Then, they pretend to drive away as if they were not on DUTY. CRAZY PEOPLE!

Well, I know they were just protecting everyone. But my kids and I were just having fun in buying our groceries. Well, at least I learned something already that our jokes at home will just be at home and we will not brought it outside because people nowadays are so DIRTY MINDED.

Anyway, I wasn’t concerned about them of what they were doing. I was just questioning about them and tried to think why there were following us when my husband asked me, ‘Do you know those two ….?” I said I don’t know them at all. I knew one person there and that person is my good friend.

Lesson: Don’t do jokes in public that will make CRAZY PEOPLE CRAZIER enough for them to follow you.


Don’t let anyone hurt your kids and that includes YOU coz you don’t know if your kid is one of the important persons who can help change the world for the better. Kids are bundles of joy and love that will show you the real world of life’s simplicity from heaven. If they are hard to handle, it means they want to learn more about life, they can teach you patience, they want your little attention despite of your BUSYNESS/PROBLEMS in life, and more. Kids have missions and have purpose that God instructed them to do for you and for the humanity. They are even one of the sources of your energy because they are full of it. Not just say you love your kids but you show it by protecting them.

Raising your voice, Spanking and bruising your kids is teaching them to be brutal that can make them bitter in life and about life. Don’t spread the hurt that you’ve experienced when you were a child. STOP IT WITHIN YOU. DON’T PASS IT TO THE NEXT GENERATIONS. MOVE ON AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE MOST FRAGILE GIFT FROM GOD TO YOU – YOUR KIDS! *

CS section photo – just my own opinion

Thanks God for the CS as there are lots of mothers and babies who are saved. And it’s not porn to post a photo like this. Where is the porn in that photo? This photo is just a reminder of SAVING TWO LIVES from Heaven – And it is not easy to have a CS, it is painful and it’s not easy to be a mother. And so I salute what this mother is doing with her photo. I respected her for posting it. She is one of the brave mothers around the world who saved lives of their babies.

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Huh! I’m so busy these days! Why? He-he-he! Just busy trying to customize my sites. Tsk tsk tsk! Not good! Well, I’m just trying to make some creative digit-scrapping though I’m not that creative. I do have simple things but I love it. And today, I’m making something for this TLC’s Haven of mine (again). I’m not finished yet. I hope when I will be finished it will look fine in here. Hmmm!

Experience the Thrill of Riding the Rails

The romance of the train is almost forgotten in these days of hectic lifestyles and ultra fast travel. Americans, in particular, don’t often think of traveling by rail when it comes to planning a vacation. It’s a shame because railroads have deep roots in America’s history and made a huge impact on the country’s westward growth. But, travel by train is so much more than a history lesson. It’s also a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the countryside in comfort. In fact, Amtrak offers a variety of vacation options that bring back the romance of train travel in comfortable style.

It’s Part of Our Past

The history of the railroad in the United States dates back to the early 1800s. In 1825, inventor John Stevens built a test track around his New Jersey summer home and ran a locomotive around it. Seeing the potential, the Baltimore and Ohio incorporated in 1827. It was not the first railroad, but the first common carrier, designated to transport people and freight. Others, including the Camden and Amboy, followed. Railroad building boomed from the 1830s through the 1860s, with railroads outpacing the use of and eventually replacing water canal transport.

Passenger transport in the early years was far from comfortable. The first Union Pacific passenger trains rarely traveled faster than 20 miles per hour. Passengers sat on wooden benches and heat was provided by wood stoves. Meals were eaten at station house dining halls. Traffic control errors resulted in occasional train wrecks. Passenger service changed dramatically when George Pullman invented luxury sleeping cars in 1865. Pullman’s name became famous nationwide after the Lincoln assassination because he donated one of sleepers to house the dead president’s coffin for its historic trip back to Springfield, Illinois. The next step up in luxury train travel was the Overland Limited, a Union Pacific train inaugurated in 1890. It made the trip between Omaha, Nebraska, and San Francisco, California, in just 71 hours, an astonishing rate of speed at the time. Passenger train travel peaked in 1921, but as automobiles became more affordable, ridership fell.

Streamliner passenger trains were introduced in the 1930s. More lightweight with amenities like impeccable service and glamorous furnishings, Streamliners were the forefathers of today’s passenger trains.

During World War II, passenger train travel soared again, as a direct result of tire and gasoline rationing. A record of 98 billion passenger miles was reached in 1944. After the war, railroad travel steadily declined.

Getting Away on the Train

Traveling by train is a great way to leave the driving to someone else and admire the scenery in comfort. Vacation ideas include trips to America’s national parks, coast-to-coast adventures, American heritage tours and entertainment destination trips.

Escort, Please

Amtrak’s Escorted Rail Journeys combine the enjoyment of rail travel with the ease of a planned itinerary. An Amtrak escort travels with the group and local guides take passengers to attractions, providing historical context and local flavor.

The American Heritage Escorted tour is one for the history books. The first stop is New York City, where passengers are welcomed with wine and cheese. The next stop is Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” and considered the birthplace of American Independence. The last stop is Washington. Passengers are treated to sightseeing tours in all three cities.

The National Parks of the Southwest Escorted tour is a guided tour to some of America’s most celebrated national parks. The tour begins in Albuquerque and heads south to Arizona. The trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon is unforgettable. Heading north, stops include Utah’s Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. On a decidedly different note, the tour ends in Las Vegas. A Northern National Parks tour is also available with stops in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. The trip begins in Seattle and includes a tour and boat cruise at Glacier National Park. The tour spends two days at Yellowstone, travels through Grand Teton National Park and stops for a night in lovely Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A city tour and finale dinner in Salt Lake City ends the trip.

I Want to Be Alone

If traveling with a tour group is not for you, consider one of Amtrak’s independent rail journeys. Vibrant cities and national parks are still on the agenda, but you travel at your own pace.

The America’s Heartland journey begins in Chicago. Take a trolley tour and discover why the Windy City is a Midwestern gem. Ride the tram to the top of Street Louis’s Arch, if you dare and tour the Alamo. The trip also includes a trip to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas’s infamous Dealey Plaza.

By Rail and By Sail

One of Amtrak’s most popular vacation options is the “Rail and Sail Vacation.” Take the train to a port city and depart on a relaxing cruise. A fully planned itinerary and tour escort means that you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the trip.

The “Alaska Cruise with 1 Night in Seattle” includes a tour of Seattle and admission to the Space Needle. After that, enjoy a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska, where you spend eight days and seven nights cruising along the Alaskan coast.

If a warmer climate seems more appealing, the “Bahamas and Florida 7-Day Rail and Sail Vacation” may be more your style. The trip starts with a two-night stay in New York City, including a sightseeing tour and dinner at a well-known restaurant and it’s off to Florida and the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise Lines.